You've booked a hotel room with free cancellation ?

You've booked a room ?

We monitor its price and mail you when the exact same room is cheaper. Forward your reservation to [email protected]. It's completely free !

How it works

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1. Book a room with free cancellation

We curently support but more will be added soon.

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2. Forward the confirmation

Send it to [email protected]

We only use your confirmation to extract its details (hotel name, room type, price, free cancellation limit date, ...)

Or use our Chrome extension to automatically track your existing and future bookings.

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3. Wait, relax and save money

When we find a cheaper price for your booking, we'll mail you the details. Rebook the exact same room and cancel the old reservation.

It's completely free to you

I don't have a booking yet :(

We've got you covered. Install our Chrome extension and we'll automatically add your next booking.

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